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Canada’s International Staffing Leaders

Since its introduction in the 1970’s, Canada continues to welcome highly specialized workers to fulfill employment vacancies across the country.  

Through our recruiting agency, we have been helping Canadian corporations keep their businesses operating at optimal levels for over 15 years.  

With our depth of understanding the Canadian labour market and challenges it faces, we craft Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications that gain more positive outcomes than most.

We specialise in full-time temporary and permanent placements – exemplary employees who are ready to take ownership of their positions, wherever they are placed.

Working internationally at well established, globally recognized corporations around the world, our candidates

  • come with 3-5 years experience in their fields,
  • thrive on challenging goals,
  • are multi-taskers dedicated to their roles,
  • have excellent communication skills and are comfortable with technology.

Staff Turnover headaches solved.  Recovery launched!

In 2021, we matched over 100 Canadian corporations with 900+ Temporary Foreign Workers. We selected them after rigorous interviews, reference checks, education assessment, security checks, and verification of their employment history and job responsibilities.

Every employer has the option to conduct live stream interviews with those who passed our skills-testing and situational questioning.

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